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Respond to your emotions

Once you have learnt to LEAN in to your emotions, you then need to RESPOND to them skilfully. This second acronym developed by The Psych Collective aims to help you figure out what to do about your emotions so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and helpless.


  • Regulate: Be willingly skilful
  • Express: “I feel _________”
  • Snap judgement: Identify the thought that triggered the emotion (from Distress Cycle)
  • Participate skilfully: Use skills to reduce the intensity
  • Opposite action: Do the opposite of your action urge (if the urge is regrettable)
  • Nurture and validate: Self-soothe and acknowledge how it affected you
  • Discharge the emotion: Let it out by talking, vigorous exercising, shaking, writing, shouting into a pillow, throwing a ball

Use the RESPOND skills to plan how you can deal with four different emotions in the future.

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