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Promoting positive behaviour to maintain everyday mental health.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Lonely? Confused?

I am an AuDHD licensed Mental Health & Addiction Therapist and Neurotherapist.

I initially trained with Paula Hall at the Laurel Centre, a leading specialist working with Compulsive behaviors. I am trained to work with both partners individually and as a couple.

I work online using Zoom. My treatment plans are individualized and incorporate scientifically backed interventions. I do utilize Psychoeducation, which can take away much of the misconceptions surrounding issues, and clients often find this immediately helpful. My work is informed by Schema Therapy. Present studies have confirmed a positive relationship between schema activation and several addictive behaviors, including addictions to gambling, gaming, social media use sex, exercise, and food.

My specialty areas are Compulsive Sexual Behaviours, Betrayal Trauma, and Relationship Intimacy Issues. I am clinically trained in working with Autistic individuals and ADHDers. I have a sex-positive approach to this work and support Sexual orientation and gender diversity.

I am a Certified Neurotherapist. Neurotherapy is proving an effective long-term treatment outperforming medication in many areas. A dual approach using Neurotherapy and Psychotherapy can be very effective with Sleep, Anxiety, and Depression and improve outcomes in treating Compulsive behaviors, Trauma, and ADHD.


How can I help you?


The ultimate goal of my therapy sessions is to work with you to establish the problem and how you are maintaining it in order to reduce symptoms and to teach you how to maintain your success.


Long-term outcomes are achieved by using a combination of one or a combination of two disciplines: Psychotherapy and ​Neurotherapy click the buttons below to learn more:

online therapy

I offer my services online via a secure and encrypted web conferencing platform, with clients from all over the world, as well as local clients that prefer to work from the comfort and familiarity of their own home. Online consultations are equally as effective as the face-to-face consultations and allow us to work together irrespective of your geographical location and without having to spent time travelling to my office.

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I can help you with…

My approach: AAA standard therapy plan

A step-by-step approach to solving the right problem





What my patients say...

... our sessions. I found them hugely insightful, and that they helped me to navigate to a better understanding of myself, my emotions, and my coping mechanisms. In turn, I now feel I have more of a choice/ability to self-determine when presented with difficult situations. I feel like I am on a much surer footing for embarking on couples therapy with my wife and have much greater confidence that the challenges in my relationship can be overcome. Thank you!

Simon – UK

Tanya has helped us both as a couple dealing with the problems caused by compulsive sexual behavior both as an addict with a history of ADHD and also as an affected partner. Her caring and practical approach using a variety of therapy tools, together with her knowledge of neurodiversity has helped us recover our life together. We now better understand each other as individuals and as a couple. Her use of neurofeedback therapy to treat ADHD issues has helped us immensely.

Brian & Alison – Hampshire

Tanya helped to calm my anxiety during lockdown via zoom. I was in the late stages of pregnancy and was experiencing anxiety about the birth as restrictions were in place re birth partners and I was afraid of being alone. I also have an underlying fear of being sick. Working with Tanya helped me to relax and make the best of a magical period in my life and I would not hesitate to turn to her in the future and would recommend her.

I have been to many different therapists to control my addiction. In a very few sessions Tanya helped me see me understand how and why I do what I do. She also included some Hypnotherapy which seemed to help me control my impulses – but also start to create a picture of where I was going. I now have the tools to take the next steps.

Male, 42 years - Addiction

Having suffered from depression most of my life I didn’t have any high expectations though I badly wanted to feel better in myself. I would highly recommend Tanya and I haven’t stopped singing her praises. Although I still have some ups and down, they don’t overwhelm me as I have the tools to deal with it now.

Male 47 years - Depression

Since the Covid pandemic I knew that I had to find an alternative method to dealing with my needle phobia which wasn’t crying, panic attacks and fainting. I thought I would never be able to feel better or even look at a needle. But through hypnotherapy and desensitisation techniques, Tanya has helped me face my fears. I’m so proud! I even had the courage to hold a needle, something I never thought would happen! She has made me feel confident, and I now don’t feel the need to avoid needles.”

Female, 26 years - Phobia

Having suffer with severe anxiety and panic disorder since I was 16 hypnotherapy was suggested to me after I had tried everything else! It has been a life saver! And it has worked, I can finally breathe again. Tanya has been fantastic understanding me and my mind and has provided me with the tools to finally live my life normally. Thank you!””

Female, 27 years - Anxiety

Thank you so much – Not only have I stopped my sex addiction I’ve got my self-esteem back and my family life; You also managed to sort out my IBS in the process 🙂

Female, 34 years Anxiety and Addiction

When I came to you, I had lost a relationship through porn and was spending way more money than I had. Now I understand the background to my addiction it has helped me in all areas of my life – including a new relationship with a much deeper level of communication

Male ,44 years - Depression and Addiction

Cheers – although I still use porn, I’ve stopped using it as much and prostitutes – I know the porn may have to go at some point but at least I now understand the science behind it and what I am up against and at least now I feel I am making choices.

Male 24 years – Porn Addiction



If you have any questions or you’re ready to book then get in touch! I’m looking forward to hearing from you.